Dear Friends,

Today is Cinequest Contributors Day. I’m some kind of fancy volunteer for Cinequest Film Festival. 

What I need from you today is a donation of $10-20. How do I make it up to you?

I will personally return the favor with free embroidery as that is what I do best (other than being the most informed college almost-graduate and dancer of random randomness in all of San Jose). You get to choose between a custom monogram or your full name on something that you own. It could be a shirt, a towel, a sports bag, guitar strap, etc. Or I’ll take you to a screening. Or I’ll hand wash your car. The freebie is good ONLY if you donate TODAY.

  1. Go
  2. Donate before 11:59 pm. (your own amount of $10-20 or more)
  3. Make sure to tell them in the Comment box that Teri N. referred you.
  4. Tell me and then I’ll hook you up with the hot floss (threads).


This year we will show 173 films from around the world, some of them US premiers and mostly world premiers. Two of them are animated shorts that my friends worked on, students from our very own Animation/Illustration Program at SJSU. One is the world premier of a film I worked on as the Graphic Artist, a live-action comedy called Super Hero Party Clown. To hear it from my friend Halfdan, Co-founder of Cinequest, look no further:

Our team goal is to raise $25K to empower Cinequest’s international programming and artist participation. If every single one of us raises at least $300, we will get there. The individual who raises the most, wins a private screening for friends and family on Sunday, March 13th (Camera 12 Theater) of whichever of the following films most intrigues them:

·         Adventurous                        Midnight Son (USA) 

·         Comedic                              Mystico Fantastico! (Canada/Mexico)

·         Entertaining and fun           The Nobel Prize Winner (Netherlands)

·         Youthful/Romantic             Falling Overnight  (USA)  

·         Documentary                      Village Without Women (Serbia)

Feel free to start now (I am), and continue through tonight. Together we’ll have fun and have a major impact on Cinequest’s services to artists and innovators.



Director and Co-Founder

Teri N.*

Cinequest Connector


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